The certificate in Creative Writing is an immersive introduction to storytelling with a focus on narrative theory, literature appreciation, screenplay writing and publishing studies. It’s a holistic view that includes a cursory investigation of book cover design to promote both the writing and propagation of narrative content.

  • Day or Evening Classes *A minimum of 5 students are required for a programme to commence
  • Blended Mode Learning for Working Professionals
  • Project-Based Learning


TEVETA Reg No: TVA/1061 Certificate Level 4


The programme consists of a range of focused mini-projects to develop your conceptual, writing, and editing skills in creative writing which include book cover design and a social media campaign.

All mini-projects culminate in the production of a main project:

  • Novella (15000 to 20000 words)
Emphasis is placed on the following practical skills:


Creative Writing Essentials

Screen Writing Essentials

Book Cover Design

Novel Editing Essentials

Adapting Narrative Texts

Digital Marketing Essentials

Visual Research Methods

Teaching Methodology

  • Hands-on practical classes
  • Individual feedback
  • Studio practice
  • Contemporary theory



  • Creative Writing
  • Narrative Theory
  • Literature Appreciation
  • Publishing Studies
  • Book Cover Design
  • Screen Writing


  • Word/Pages
  • CeltX
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

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